The Timing of Things

We are all experiencing a very interesting time in our recent history. It’s been impactful on a number of fronts – school, work, community events, as well as many impacts yet to be quantified.

That said, Kitsap County departments are focused on maintaining services, many online.  This is important because there is a direct economic impact to supporting current activity, and more importantly being ready and able to rapidly respond as we pull out of the COVID-19 crisis.

I wanted to share my thanks. While the situation has been constantly changing, and we’re adapting on a daily or hourly basis, I have been SO impressed with the way in which our community has come together. There are neighbors watching out for neighbors – running errands if their not able to get out. People are contacting the Department of Emergency Management asking how they can volunteer to support the isolation or quarantine centers that are in the process of being stood up. Even if it’s from across the street, people are extending community through a hello and a smile. That impact is immeasurable!

The federal government just approved a very substantial stimulus package. Hopefully it’ll get to our friends, family and neighbors who are in need. So many restaurant workers and employees of other “non-essential” businesses have fallen on hard times – not knowing when they’ll have resources to buy food, pay rent and just plain old survive for an unknown amount of time.  But again, in true fashion, so many of our community have risen to the challenge – buying gift cards to businesses knowing it’ll support them now and they can redeem later when they reopen, picking up extras at the store to share with neighbors, and so many other ways.

There are resources out there.  In the past several weeks, more options have been made available for small businesses needing support to weather the weeks ahead. The Kitsap Community Foundation and United Way of Kitsap have created a COVID-19 response fund for those non-profits suffering from a loss of community support while still maintaining their mission. Check here for more resources.

Thank you again for changing your activities to help slow the spread of the virus, for standing up and making a difference in your community, for understanding that while it’s not business as usual we are all in it together.  Please stay healthy.